Beltock Deathbringer

wizard Summoner


str 11 Hp 24
con 14 Ac 14
dex 10 fort 13
int 18 ref 15
wis 14 will 15
cha 10
Weapon- Sickle/tome Implement


I was an Apprentice at the blackstaff tower my master Vajra safhar up and dissappeared oen night me and the otehr students waited for weeks and then we slowly started leaving the tower with no master to guide us and short of graduating and becoming a full wizard. Packed my bags full of books to study and learn from and went out in search of my master following clues and rumors. i wandered all over learning about the world and learning my magic from the books i took with me. Still having found no information on where my master could be.
I left Behind my love roslynn and my hated rival Belrin The Black
Goals: Knowledge/finding my master/becoming a full wizard in the eyes of the towers
finding magical items and ancient lore. old forbidden magic that is lost/ability to create my own unique spells

Beltock Deathbringer

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