Queensland is seated to the north of GFC. However, entry into this district is limited.

Soon after the emergence of the first mutants in the GF area, Queensbury quickly secluded itself from “lesser races”. The district was restructured into a Matriarch, and militant control was established to keep the blood pure. The new government renamed the area to Queensland in order to appease the royal family. The ‘wall’ was constructed to ease the workload of the people. Entry points became semi-automated in the last decade. DNA screening is required to allow access.

As stated, Queensland is ruled by a female dominated royal family. For the past century the Alaveles bloodline has remained in control. It is clear to those on the outside that the leadership is corrupt and abusive to its citizens… who cares though? the uptight “pure bloods” refuse to associate with anyone not like themselves.

Restricted to “pure blood”. though few seem to be traveling outside Queensland. It is said that planes out of the city can be found here, and for many the dream of traveling to untainted lands is what keeps them going.


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